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Emails ARE Opened, Especially on Mobile!Emails Are Opened - Email Marketing Santa Rosa

70% of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets! While various ‘experts’ have predicted the demise of email for years, it remains a great way to communicate with your clients and prospective customers.

Many business owners place email marketing as one of the top three most effective use of their marketing dollars, along with social media and SEO.

However, unlike social media, newsletters and promotional emails get many-times greater visibility. And unlike SEO, email can deliver faster results, especially when an event or sale is going on.

Want to say “my emails are opened?” Call Appy Marketing at 707-687-4792 to help you craft a weekly or monthly email that is:

Are you worried that if you send too many emails, your clients, customers or patients will unsubscribe? We’ve all unsubscribed from mailing lists because the content of the emails came too often or just wasn’t interesting. We’ll help you personalize the content to your subscribers’ interests.

We’ll keep your emails nice-looking, uncluttered and with clear calls to action! Plus, they’ll look good on all mobile devices! Appy Markeing can help you keep your mailing list clean, too. We recommend that you never send someone an email who hasn’t explicitly opted-in to receive it.

Appy Marketing will work with you to set expectations for your subscribers when they sign up. How often will you send an email? Once you’ve decided, stick with a regular schedule to create the best brand impression and receive the most word-of-mouth benefit.

You can test drive a newsletter for your own business so you can test drive a newsletter for your own business and see that emails ARE opened! Call Appy Marketing at 707-687-4792