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Is your website mobile optimized? The whole world is going mobile! Or so it seems. The sale of smart phones is growing by leaps and bounds and if you’re a small business owner you better get mobilized … time to convert your site to mobile. Otherwise you’re going to lose your business to someone else.

By the year 2013 there were 1.7 billion mobile web users. But more important for you, 40% of mobile searches are local, up from 33% eighteen months ago.

So what happens if visitors can’t see your site without having to “pinch and squeeze?” In short, they leave. Take a look here to see if your website is mobile friendly.

If it looks bad, you’ll definitely see the value of converting your website to mobile. But you may be asking, “Do I REALLY need to get a mobile-friendly website now?” Of course we here at Appy Marketing believe that every business should have a mobile website … and many of you need to do mobile app marketing, too.

If your customers and prospective clients are busy, on the go, and always tethered to their mobile devices you’re a good candidate to convert your website to mobile sooner rather than later!

But don’t just guess about whether this is important. Take a look at Google analytics for your website and see just how much of your traffic is coming from mobile devices. Then, compare that number/percentage with a year or two ago. You’ll be astonished.

Don’t be a loser! It’s time to convert your website to mobile we have a variety of options, from single page “business card” sites, to five-page sites, to premium mobile websites.

Let us help you figure out what’s best for you. Just fill out the form above to request an evaluation. We’ll get back to you promptly with our recommendations for converting your website to mobile!

Appy Marketing is committed to providing mobile app marketing and mobile optimized website solutions that are perfectly suited to your business … putting YOU at your clients’ fingertips.